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Nikolai Ivanov < Künstler

Weltmusik aus Bulgarien

Nikolai IvanovNikolai spielt auf den großen Festivals Europa seine ganz eigene Mischung aus Mystik und Weltmusik. Auf allen Instrumenten gleichzeitig spielend, ersetzt er ein Orchester und ist doch bei jedem einzelnen Zuhörer ganz persönlich präsent.

An artist, a composer of music, his eclectic at first glance activity is difficult ro appreciate outside the context of the specific geographic latitude where the author lives and works.
Nikolai Ivanov mixes modernity and tradition, different genres and pictorial languages, paints pictures and frescoes, makes installation and performances and all that is united by the idea for complete synthesis which is so typical for the modern art.

He was born in 1959, he graduated from the High School of Fine Arts, Sofia in 1978, from the Art Academy (mural painting) Sofia in 1986.

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