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Metissia < Künstler

Donnerstag, 14. August 2014 – 17.00-18.00 Uhr


METISSIA singer author composer recognized as visionary and avant gard for her songs, remixes, initiatory tales, spiritual operas, her texts and anthropological projects.

On stage: she sings but also dance and act

Style: Eclectic Spirit and Objective it’ s for me a taste, a choice, a conviction, the message I transmitted all my life.: The universality is a science, a reality, a vision which respect our individuality in an innate conscience, far of psychological, cultural, material, political fractures in which we often find ourselves captive. This is my message of peace, a world without walls : a music in its scientifical reality, at the image of what the world must be, without frontiers of styles, of rhythms or harmonies.

This FREEDOM is necessary for to let the body join is soul and heart and develop the self-fullfilment of oneself in all what we do. Offering so our best to the Society we develop PEACE IN THE WORLD.

Her Voice: Metissia is an acrobat juggling with words in a range of 5 octaves, from syllable to syllable, in all kind of harmonies, rhythms and style of voice.

Creativity: she creates by channeling, inspiration, meditation, visions. When she get 2 songs similars, she throws one. When its creation is the result of a frustration, she throws it too and let that the solution comes for to write about it.

Texts: philosophical and anthropological. The realtion from cause to effect in the real life is the laboratory of its researches and theories

Notoriety: most part of Metissia Albums have been produced by famous producers like Aston Barrett (The Wailers) – Jamaica, J-E Rousselon (Paris), Samuel Hamelin (Universal- Germany), BMP records (Sony- England), etc.

CONCERT 2014: Ethno Pop Fantasy ear some sounf Multi-art : she will play with troup : actors, dancer, acrobat, juggler, painter, and her music band

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