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Bob Double U & the Masterpiece < Künstler


Born and raised in a small town in Germany, he began playing the guitar in school bands, listened to fusion and jazz-rock music and literally wanted to become an artist. He moved to Düsseldorf where he worked as a typographer and grafic designer – the closest thing to being an artist at that time But life is what you make it and so he and his wife decided to take a break and travel the world. Bob spent the year 2008 all around the world, meeting musicians from India, Australia and places he didn’t even know exist. When he came back to Germany, he started working on his music career with his band Mind the Gap. Knowing when it’s time to relocate, Bob moved to Berlin in 2012, looking for a producer with fresh input. The two re-arranged and re-wrote Bob’s songs, giving his music an unique and contemporary style. Beschreibung His music can be described best as straight singer-songwriter rock influenced by pop, funk, blues and spiced up with modern electronic sounds.

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